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Guarded by Secrets | Guarded by Secrets || California camping RV Style Projecting the inevitable (Work in progress) Fate of Asian Elephants Portraits of Ice One night in Prague If you`d like to make a call/Nostalgic sentiment Dreaming of Prague
A day in Cambodia Thailand Rapa Nui (Easter Island)
This project was created between the years 2009 - 2014 in Los Angeles, CA. At that time I was researching how the changes in technology were effecting different socio-demographic layers of the population. In my project`s particular case it was the disappearing of the pay phones. 
With some years passed, I removed this project from the vew, as it became erralevant to the present time. Yet, recently I revisited the images again, and cought myself feeling very nostalgic about the payphones. I removed the nerrative, and decided to reintroduce this work, but with a new Title "Nostalgic Sentiment".