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Projecting the inevitable (Work in progress) Fate of Asian Elephants California camping RV Style Guarded by Secrets | Guarded by Secrets || Portraits of Ice One night in Prague If you`d like to make a call/Nostalgic sentiment Dreaming of Prague
A day in Cambodia Thailand Rapa Nui (Easter Island) Morocco
Her Journey Guarded by Secrets

Solo Show


"Guarded by Secrets". Durango Art Center, CO   March 2018


Juried Shows 


Barbara Conrad Gallery, CO, Annual Members Show, Juror Louise Martorano,    2019

The Center for Fine Art Photography, CO, Annual Members Exhibition, Juror Cecily Cullen    2019

Analog Forever Magazine, "Wanderlust", Curated by Alan Ross,      2019

LACP, Los Angeles, CA "The Creative Portrait" Juried by Nicholas & David Fahey, 2018

A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX, "Light" Juried by Geoffrey Koslov, 2018

A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX, "Street"  juried by Harvey Stein, 2018

Gallery of Santa Clara University, Silicon Valley Plastic Camera Show,    2018

LACP, CA, USA "Creative portrait", Juror Ann Jastrab    2017

Black Box Gallery, OR, USA, "Mirror Mirror", Juror Amy Arbus     2017

Rayko Photo Center, San Francisco, CA, USA,  "9th Annual Juried Plastic Camera Show"     2016

The Center for Fine Art Photography, CO, USA, "Black and White", Juror Roy L. Flukinger 2015

Darkroom Gallery, VT, USA, "Semblance", Juror David Carol, 2015

NYC4PA, NY, USA, "New Creativity", Juror Aline Smithson,    2014

Darkroom Gallery, VT, USA, "Dreams and Hallucinations", Juror Russell Joslin,    2014

Black Box Gallery, OR, USA "Grayscale", Juror Todd Johnson     2014

PhotoPlace Gallery, VT, USA "Figures/Contexts", Juror Cig Harvey     2013

The Center for Fine Art Photography, CO, USA, "Center Forward"     2013

NYC4PA, NYC, USA, Juried Exhibition "Urban Landscapes", Juror Charles Traub      2013

PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT, USA, Juried Exhibition "Self Portrait",  Juror Caleb Cole     2013

Rayko Photo Center, San Francisco, CA, USA,  "6th Annual Juried Plastic Camera Show"     2013

Darkroom Gallery, VT, USA, "Rare Earth"     2013

DotArt, Riga, Latvia "Urban"        2013

The Perfect Exposure Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, "The Next: Emerging LA Artists"      2012

The Center for Fine Art Photography, CO, USA "Urban Landscapes"     2012

DotArt, Budapest, Hungary, "Urban"      2012

DotArt, Alchemia Gallery,  Krakow, Poland, "Urban"      2012

.NO Gallery, NY, USA "International Women`s Juried Exhibition", Juror Mary Ellen Mark    2012

Darkroom Gallery, VT, USA   "Spontaneous"          2012


Group Shows


F-Stop Magazine, December 2018

Barbara Conrad Gallery/Durango Arts Center, CO, "Human/Nature"    2017

Alchemy + Entity,  Julia Dean Gallery, Los Angeles, CA     2013

EXPOSURE exhibition, NYC, NY    2013

Julia Dean Gallery, "Street", Los Angele, CA  2013

Los Angeles Center for Photography, Los Angeles, CA   2013




Lenscratch "If you`d like to make a call" 2010

Lenscratch "Portraits of Ice" 2014

JPG Magazine, Issue 22 "If you `d like to make a call"

F-Stop magazine Issues #43. #56, #92

Mother F Stop 2019




Juror`s Award, ASmith Gallery, TX "Light" exhibit                     2018

Finalist at Center Review Santa Fe 100 photographers        2018

Finalist of The 8th edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards        2015

Second Prize In the Urban Landscapes Juried Competition/Juried by Charles Traub      2013

Third Prize in The Human Experience category in PWP's International Women's Juried Competition/

                                                                                                 Juried by Mary Ellen Mark      2012




Mother F Stop Online Magazine, June 2019



LACP Summer/Fall 2019




Analog Forever Magazine,  March 2019




F-Stop Magazine, Issue #92






JPG  Magazine,  Issue 22



F-Stop Magazine, Issue #46




"Lenscratch" Ezine Blog, 2010




F-Stop Magazine, Issue #53




Imprints PWP Magazine Springs/Summer 2012