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Her Journey Guarded by Secrets
Supporting the fight against Breast Cancer 

 A few years ago I had the privilege to walk alongside my friend Heidi on her journey battling breast cancer. For the second time in three years, she managed remarkably. And this was probably the most challenging thing she had to do in her life. While in treatment, she went through a horrid divorce while parenting her two teen daughters, moved into a small apartment where she could feel peace and freedom and dealt with unthinkable challenges physically and emotionally. 

She would lift our spirits when we felt like all was too much. She never stopped smiling and cheering everyone around. Organizing weekly Martini parties, always having friends over. Heidi was absolutely amazing!
One of the bravest women I am so proud to have in my life. 

Recently II lost my aunt to breast cancer. 

This book was created with Heidi's assistance, and "Her Journey" is available for sale. A portion of the proceeds is to be donated to the Breast Cancer Society. 

This book can be purchased at: Her Journey
(the images in this gallery are a few from the book)